The Best Kama Sutra Positions

The Best Kama Sutra Positions

The Slide

This one is pretty simple Kama Sutra position. The man lies flat on his back, the woman lies on top of him and slides up and down his body, allowing him to penetrate her. This position isn’t in the least strenuous or challenging, but it facilitates romantic and emotional sex. With your bodies pressed up against each other there will be plenty of intense, meaningful eye contact, and feeling the warmth of another human being on your skin is just fantastic. You can try this literally the next time you have sex, no matter who your partner is, and get an immense amount out of it.

Try The Best Kama Sutra Positions With Your Partner!

The Plough

A position which requires a good deal of strength and athleticism, but put the effort in and you’ll get great rewards. The women lies on her front on the bed with her legs open, hanging off the edge. The man positions himself between her legs, hoists her up by her hips, and begins penetration while the woman supports herself on her elbows. It’s an ambitious position but one that will flood your body with the kind of amazing endorphins that only come from proper exertion. And this is a pretty sexy form of exertion. Men who enjoy being in control will also enjoy being able to hold and maneuver the woman’s body.

The Best Kama Sutra Positions

The Peg

This one is kind of intricate, but also utterly unique and very, very fulfilling. The man stretches out and relaxes on his side, while the woman curls up into a ball and rests her head at his feet. She then wraps her arms around his legs while the man penetrates her. It takes a little patience, but once you’ve mastered it this is going to be a regular feature of your sexual adventures. It’s particularly pleasurable for the woman, who receives both physical pleasure from the sex, and emotional pleasure from the level of physical contact with her partner, her body wrapped around his bottom half.

The Ship

Real simple, this one is one of the best kama sutra positions. The man lies down on his back, the woman sits on top of him with both her legs to one side. This has two big advantages. For the man, it’s about as effortless as sex can get; you just recline and enjoy. The woman, meanwhile, is given all the control; she can dictate the pace, rhythm and intensity of the sex, ensuring that she gets exactly what she desires. It’s not the most energetic sex position, nor is it the most romantic; you won’t be able to make eye contact unless the female cranes her head. However, you won’t find another position that offers such huge rewards for such little effort.

The Basket

A superb all rounder. The man plays the oh so sexy role of ‘the basket,’ sitting with one leg straight out and the other bent at the knee. The woman then simply sits on his lap. Both partners are able to control the movement in this state, and there’s a very sexy extra benefit as well; the woman’s breasts are almost level with the man’s mouth. You can figure out the rest from there.

The Best Kama Sutra Positions

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