How to use Kamasutra To Truly Spice Up Your Marriage

If you’re reading this, you are looking to add a little more excitement to your marriage. Whether you are a newlywed or you have been married for fifty or more years, your marriage can always use a little bit of guidance as far as the kamasutra positions are concerned. Indeed, the moment you start believing that you know everything about sex and you don’t need to learn anything new, the heat and excitement of your marriage will be in jeopardy. True story.

Are you ready to learn about kamasutra positions?

Truly fulfilling and happy marriages are constantly engaging, challenging, fulfilling, and push both partners to grow. They don’t hit a plateau and level off. They don’t reach a point where both partners feel there’s no reason to continue exploring further. In other words, real marriages that continue to excite both partners until the end are marriages where both partners continue to have a sense of possibility and adventure.

Sexy sex positions instructions and the real definition of ‘sexy’

Dress sexy

For many spouses, ‘sexy’ has a fixed definition. They think that they can be naughty based solely on what they do in bed, how they look, and what they wear. While this is true for the most part, this is not the complete picture. Far from it.

Sex is primarily mental and emotional. It is a state of mind. While there is a strong physical component, ignoring the mental, emotional and spiritual components of sexual intimacy will drain a lot of the life out of your lovemaking. Simply thinking that sex is all physical is like ordering McDonalds’ burgers every day, all day. Sure, you’re eating. But you’re not eating well. It would be better to eat three course meal, complete with candles, a great ambiance, and topped off with the very best wine. See the difference? Sadly, thinking of sexy nights together primarily along the lines of physical sex is very much like eating the same fast food corporate processed burger day in day out. Your relationship deserve better.
Make it a point to ‘bring sexy back‘ to your relationship by choosing to create truly intimate experiences that touch both of you at all levels-emotional, sensual, anatomical, mental, and spiritual.

Kamasutra positions involve more than just physical positioning
At its face, the kamashastra or karma sutra is a sex manual with a long (and definitely interesting) laundry list of exotic sex positions. Modern readers are treated to a wide range of variations of the act of hiding the salami-from kneeling, to side by side, to standing, to physically demanding yoga-like positions only the most physical versatile, dextrous, and strong could do. This book is chockfull of positions that look real fun to try. If we were to leave our analysis of this ancient Hindu love manual at this level, we’re selling ourselves short. The kamasutra delivers more than meets the eye. Much more.
Using physical pleasure to open the gateways of holistic human consciousness

Learn Kamasutra Techniques

Read in its entirety, the kama sutra is a manual for right living. It touches on topics as diverse as ethics, morality, marriage, relationships, and sex. We have to process this ancient classic of Indian literature from this lens. The Sutra positions sex as physical ‘vehicle’ that enables people to unlock parts of themselves that would allow them achieve higher states of being. Great sex makes for better marriages which lead to better personal development which in turn could lead to better interpersonal and community relationships as a whole. We start with a very small and very personal sphere of personal needs and it radiates out wider and wider until it leads us to where Hindu philosophical and spiritual tracts often lead to-a more cosmic consciousness and level of awareness.

Sexiness is all about consciousness

By focusing squarely on greater consciousness, couples looking to spice up their marriage would benefit tremendously from the sex advice of the kamashastra. They would be able to increase the intensity of their lovemaking through different coupling positions. This pleasure opens the faculties and can lead to couples feeling more open to, in tune, and connected with each other. Again, it’s all about creating a gateway using physical pleasure to open the possibility of deeper and more universal personal revelations. Sexiness becomes both an attitude, state of mind, and shared experience.

Understanding the karma sutra

What can the kamasutra teach couples? Here is a fairly short yet adequately comprehensive list of benefits. This list is by no means complete but it gives a fairly complete view of the rich, multi-layered treasure trove of classic sensual wisdom the karmasutra truly is.

Sexual variety unlocks or heightens desire

Nurture Romance

Let’s face it, there are many couples where at least one partner is a ‘cold fish’ in bed. By making us aware of the many different ways we can both receive and give pleasure, the kamasutra positions catalog makes us either want to desire sex more. At the very least, we regain a sense of curiosity regarding what we’re capable of as a couple in the bedroom.

We learn just how important embracing is
Most people are desensitized to the act of hugging. We do it out of obligation. In fact, we embrace and hug so much through our day that when it comes to hugging that special someone, our hugs can feel like the rest of the hugs that we receive and give. There are some positions that focus on the embrace. By focusing on the power of a tight, deep, probing embrace, we are reacquainted with how truly sexy a hug is. It can be very warm, searching, and comforting. It’s hard to feel alone or separate after you’ve rediscovered the power of the embrace in bed.

We fully comprehend the power of mutual pleasure

Find balance with Kamasutra Positions

For far too many couples, sex has been reduced to ‘mutual masturbation.’ Sure, you’re with a person and you’re penetrating or getting penetrated by that person but your main goal in the sack is to get what’s coming to you-an orgasm. For many couples, sex is all about putting in just enough effort for each partner to reach their individual climax and cause the other partner to get off. In short, the other partner’s enjoyment and pleasure are afterthoughts.

The positions outlined in the kamashastra help couples rediscover the power of teamwork, mutual play, and most importantly, concern for each other’s pleasure. Whether you’re using a kneeling, side-by-side, lying, or standing position, the sutra’s positions can train couples to be more sensitive to rhythm, timing, and intensity so as to increase the likelihood that both partners will climax together.

This doesn’t just feel amazing but deepens the level of trust, care, concern, and intimacy couples have. It doesn’t long for them to learn that they truly ‘get’ each other. This is a bond that definitely deepens the intimacy and power of a relationship.

Traditional or ‘easy’ positions get much needed ‘twists’

If a couple is not all that daring or imaginative, they can learn variations of the traditional missionary positions which involve different friction points and energy levels. This can add quite a bit of variety to plain vanilla sex. This can also open up opportunities for greater physical communication and emotional intensity among the partners.

Woman on top or cowgirl positions provide more power and depth

Instead of quickly cycling through ‘obligatory’ alternative positions like reverse cowgirl or any position involving the woman riding on top, the sutra gives us positions that can increase the sense of power gained by the female when she gets on top. This liberates the man from having to lead and gives both partners a tremendous opportunity to let each other know what gives them the most pleasure. If sex is a physical language that involves an honest interplay of nonverbal signals, one of the best opportunities to figure out what increases your partner’s pleasure more is when the female is on top.

Sex on all fours unleashes all sorts of animal drives

Go crazy with Kamasutra Positions

One of the most deadening aspects of ‘traditional’ or ‘plain vanilla’ positions like missionary is that it can become so routine, so obligatory, and so formalistic that both partners are no long in tune with the ‘raw animal drives’ that can make sex so intense, immediate, and raw. Well, thanks to positions involving the receiving partner getting on all fours, a lot of this primal animalistic urgency comes roaring back.

Nothing is more exciting than variations of the doggy-style where the receiving partner is moaning, bucking, and thrashing to get the partner on top or at the rear to get excited further. There’s a powerful interplay between the partners because of the powerful thrusts often made possible by the receiving partner getting on all fours. As one gets heated, the other partner can’t help but get excited as well. All the niceties and formalities are thrown to the side and both partners can just get into the raw, sweaty action. Positions that involve either partner being on all fours brings back the nastiness of sex. This is a good thing because it can definitely make it more spicy, daring, and adventurous.

Boost intimacy through sitting and kneeling sex
When you spoon, your bodies are positioned in such a way that it is almost unavoidable to feel the each other’s breath at the side of your faces. These positions highlight one key aspect of coitus: it is a shared experience. You don’t feel alone. You aren’t in a position where you’re just focused on your pleasure alone. Instead, you have a fellow traveler by your side. You hear each other’s moans. You can partially wrap each other in your hair. You feel each other’s heat and you can readily reach around and feel each other up. These positions also allow for deep thrusts while maximizing intimacy.

Couples rediscover the emotional power of foreplay and nonpenetrative positions

It’s too easy to think of oral sex as the only way to do foreplay. This is the one area where the kamasutra can definitely help couples. This powerful manual on human sensuality wakes us up to the fact that there are many ways to excite and get excited by your partner besides putting mouth parts on genitals.

In fact, sensual rubbing is crucial to a truly imaginative sex life and there’s just so many ways to rub each other sexually. These are nonpenetrative but they go a long way in delivering a lot of excitement to couples’ lovemaking. In fact, there’s something about the fact that there is no penetration involved that adds quite a bit of thrill to these positions and actions. Couples rediscover the thrill and sense of sexual adventure they may have lost over the years.

The power of controlling and prolonging orgasm

The best way to maximize sexual pleasure is, of course, to get more of it. The kamashastra teaches couples how to hold off on orgasm. You’re not just delaying it. You end up intensifying, focusing, and exploding the impact of your climax. The best part is the more you master this art, the more you increase the likelihood that both you and your partner will reach an explosive orgasm at the same time or within moments of each other. Talk about bringing a couple together!

Controlling orgasms is fundamental to heightened sexual power. Having sex is no longer something you do out of habit or some to-do list item couples feel obligated to engage in. By extending and intensifying orgasms, the kamasutra enables us to treat sex as a four course meal or like a Broadway play with a full production. We stop looking at it as some sort of commodity experience we quickly use up again and again. Each and every orgasm becomes unique, memorable, and meaningful.

The Final Word in Pleasure for Couples

The sexy sex positions of the kamasutra don’t just catalog interesting variations of putting a peg into a round hole. No. It is a holistic framework that helps couples use the special experiences they achieve together as a gateway for greater personal growth and maturity not just in terms of their ability to pleasure each other but in terms of truly knowing and loving each other as well. From this base, the sutra’s holistic approaches can extend to truly transcendent truths.

How to use Kamasutra To Truly Spice Up Your Marriage

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