8 Ways The Kamasutra Can Make You A Better Lover

Sage Vatsyayana is the author for The Kamasutra – the go-to book for tips on sex positions. But in contrast to the popular belief, the Kamasutra is about more than just sex. In fact, it lays a considerable emphasis on the various ways you can have a great, satisfying sex life, how you should choose the right partner, the best ways to live, and the reasons why both men and women should be educated. The Kamasutra will not only make you a better lover, but also a better person overall.

Stop being afraid to widen your horizons.


1. It values women empowered with Knowledge
Regardless of what the society might preach about women and sexuality, the author insists that a woman should study the book before marriage. According to the book, a woman should be adept at knowing how she can manage her man and the life after marriage. Besides this, learning all of the 64 forms of art will make a woman well regarded in the society, since it will help to make her more desirable and increase her allure. Although some of the arts will involve learning to lay in bed, playing an instrument, solve a puzzle, play word games, and even reading about the worldly affairs. It actually hints that the smarter women are often more sexually attractive. This is a fact the prevalent society tends to ignore.

2. It Accentuates the Need to Live a Well-balanced, Healthy Life
Besides sex, Kamasutra also gives you several tips on how you can live a healthy life. It stresses that a healthy woman and a healthy man will make a healthy union. It’s actually not a surprise considering the type of positions discussed in the book for sex. The book also says the man should shave his face regularly, not forgetting to get rid of hair from the other parts of his body. You will also learn why a couple should live in a well-ventilated house with sunlight and breeze, brush your teeth well, have a regular bath, and always keep a healthy appearance.


3. Great Kissing Lessons to become a Better Lover
The book prescribes the 3 ways to kiss for women. These are the measured kiss, the throbbing kiss, and the brushing kiss. It also tells you how to kiss the forehead, mouth, breasts, hair, clitoris, the inside of the mouth, as well as the chest. All the types discussed here are based on the place, intensity, and the involvement of bites.

4. Approaching and Enticing a Woman
Kamasutra offers men essential tips on how they can talk to women in order to entice them, in detail. It also teaches them on the various ways that they should touch women to express the desire to have sex. For instance, it talks about how a man can touch a lady’s shoulder to express desire, and how they should watch for signs from her reciprocating the same desire. Such suggestions will then progress to the various types of touch and embraces, which can tell if the woman is interested or not.

5. Eight Different Types of Embraces
The Kamasutra gives out the art of the start of intercourse with a good embrace. Though it does teach men how to approach women, and how the women should reciprocate, the book also gives you the 8 vital forms of embracing. They include, the twining of a creeper (Jataveshtitaka), climbing a tree (Vrikshadhirudhaka), milk and water embrace (kshiraniraka), the mixture of sesame seeds and rice (Tila-Tandulaka), the breast embrace, the high embrace, the thigh (or jaghana) embrace, as well as the head embrace. All of these are aimed at increasing the intensity and proximity of pleasure through foreplay.


6. Kamasutra Recognizes That Sex Is More than Just Penetration for Women
It also recognizes that a man reaches orgasm at the end of sex, but for the woman, the whole thing is sensual. The book suggests that though most men think that making the woman orgasm is the ultimate thing, meeting her psychological and sexual needs is the ultimate way to satisfy her urge. In this case kissing, holding, caressing, caring, and complimenting your woman is the ideal way to make her come for more each time.

7. The Woman Should Climax First
The author recognizes that the woman can reach orgasm a number of times. Therefore, she should be able to satisfy her mate during intercourse despite having had an orgasm. This is unlike in men where there’s an energy slump men after having an orgasm.


8. The 64 Acts of Sex
Opposed to popular belief, Kamasutra divides sexual intercourse into 64 parts, including penetration – it’s not just a list of positions. There are 10 chapters in the book that talk about stimulation of desire, types of kissing, embraces, caresses, scratching, slapping, sex positions, oral sex, types of moans, biting, and how to start and end the entire process.

The Kamasutra is meant to be read by sexual partners to enhance their lovemaking. Well, grab your partner and get ready for a wonderful heady trip towards erotica!

8 Ways The Kamasutra Can Make You A Better Lover

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