Why Kamasutra?

Do you find the sex in your relationship boring and a bit predictable? Would you like to spice up the sexual intimacy with your significant other? If you answered, “yes” then kamasutra could be just the thing to bring back that sexual sizzle you’ve been wanting all these years.

All it takes is a little knowledge and the desire to succeed and you can learn how to give your loved one incredible sexual pleasure. As for understanding kamasutra, kama means sensual or sexual pleasure, and sutra means the bind that holds things together.

What kamasutra is known for today is a book of sexual positions. Some believe it to be pornography (which it isn’t) and others find it intimidating — simply because it isn’t from their own culture. Those that discover its benefits, however, end up using it for life.

The Benefits

kama sutraKamasutra has an variety of benefits that will improve your overall happiness:

  • Improves your sexual experiences better than anything else
  • Revs up your libido and sex drive
  • Boosts your overall sex knowledge
  • Makes sex remain exciting in your relationship for years to come
  • And much more!

You see, most people eventually find their sex to be either boring, a chore, or a quick release. Kamasutra positions, on the other hand, can can help prevent that. A couple using kamasutra can become more creative with sex as well as learn how to be more intimate with one another.

Trying new things together often can bring about a renewed sense of intimacy (allowing dopamine, adrenaline, and oxytocin to flow through the system).

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Modern Illustrated Kamasutra

Relationship Advice:

Because the kammasutra is a guide to love just as much as it is to lovemaking, many couples turn to it when their relationship has drifted into the doldrums.  Historically, the kama sutra is a reflection of a certain culture and lifestyle, but interspersed within this tome are many verses that offer advice or expressions that many modern marriages would benefit from.  how to spice up your marriage
There is much the prose has to offer on how partners should behave toward one another, as well as being informative on general acts.  Many couples have benefitted, and continue to benefit from the sagely teachings found within the kama sutra.  Here we offer advice for struggling relationships, based on the Kama sutra’s interpretations on love and desire.  Remember, this product does not promote the idea that sex solves relationship problems, and a lack of intimacy could be a symptom of a greater issue.  However, if your marriage has fallen to the wayside lately, or you are looking for a unique way to spice up your love life, the kama sutra has much to offer in the way of relationship advice.

Sex Education:

In addition to being book of positions, there is much the Kama sutra has to offer in the way of sexual education. From kissing and hand-holding to more colorful and graphic acts, this work is a guide to all acts love that can take place between two people, however simplistic or intense. sex education
There are many pieces of useful information contained within, and cumulatively, the karmasutra book is a useful analysis on managing and maintaining desire, and appropriate behavior for showing respect, also devotion to your partner. It can be an important aid in seeking the best expressions of love, or achieving completion of desire. As a historical text, the kama sutra also provides insight on an ancient lifestyle, and continues to provide sex education for adults well into our contemporary era. Here our focus lies in the overarching themes and history of the sex education the kama sutra provides.

The Kama Sutra: Finding Your Position

What is the Kama Sutra?

The Kama Sutra is a collection of Hindi verses dating from ancient times that serve as commentary on the nature of experiencing pleasure.  It is known formally as the Aprophisms of Love; derived from Hindu as the sutra, or binding (both literally and figuratively,) of Kama, or desire.  It is not pornography, nor is that its intended use.  The karmasutra book serves as a manual of sex education.

It is a discourse of Vedic philosophers on the nature of desire, the philosophy of love, and the method for achievement of mutual pleasure. It is about exploring desire in an environment of trust and control.  Its goal is to demonstrate to practitioners how to properly maximize desire, turning acts of love into works of art. More than a list of graphic positions that test your flexibility and endurance, the karmasutra also serves as a guide for building the connection between you and your partner, while exploring the nature of love on a very fundamental level.

What is the Kama?

Kama is but one aspect of the Hindu tradition, one of the four purusharthas, or Hindu goals of life.  It follows Dharma (practicing good works and deeds, philanthropy), as well as Artha (achieving and maintaining worldly or material success).  While simplistic in its essence, having knowledge of Kama was no less important to these ancient peoples. We define reality through pleasure.  Our personalities are molded by our likes and dislikes, by connections we form through discovery. Thus, the objects and beings we interact with through our senses shape our human experience.  From our senses we derive pleasure, and thus learn of kama.  This drives us to seek out more, motivates us and inspires us, which in turn leads to artha.  Having known kama and achieved artha, we can practice dharma, completing the circle of full human experience.    Thus, by performing all three: Dharma, artha, and kama, one may seek Moksha, or enlightenment.

These ancient Hindus innately understood that our reality is rooted in our experience- that we connect to others, connect to the universe, through our five senses.  From sight, from touch, taste, sound and smell, we experience desire.  Thus it is a natural thing to seek out pleasure, and receive enjoyment in return, enriching the lives of you and your partner.  This discourse applies even today, even when we lead entirely different lives from the ancient Chandela Hindus.  Despite our contemporary culture, comprehension and mastery of desire has been sought by many across history.  Because of this, the kammasutra has been scribed and translated throughout the ages and beyond its native borders.  In a modern society where divorce rate is at an all-time high, the Kama Sutra has been improving relationships and marriages for centuries.how to spice up your relationship

Why is this significant?

This historical text has survived even the dynasty that created it, because at its core, the Kama Sutra seeks to explore the nature of joy.  Joy that derives from the satisfaction or realization of the desire manifested between two people and allowed to run its course.  It is not about removing your inhibitions, or trying to step out of your element.  So many modern marriages fail because of miscommunication; because couples resort to drastic extremes in order to improve the intimacy that has become routine.  Instead, the Kamma Sutra is a discourse on optimizing the experience of pleasure, and the enjoyment of your partner; not only when engaging in intercourse, but in your day-to-day lives.  To rediscover the love and desire you feel towards your partner, and to qualify that trust in order to reach new levels of intimacy and satisfaction.

Therefore, these aprophisms of love serve as more of a technical guide on the art and practice of pleasure.  It was originally composed and compiled by sages and academics, to explore the nature of desire, to understand and incorporate love into their daily lives.   Its methods have proven timeless, and have been handed down from a distant, ancient culture to our own contemporary one.  Think of it less in terms of ‘Playboy Magazine’- this text is more of a sex education book that has withstood the centuries.  It is more comprehensive than a simple manual on sexual congress; rather, it is a breakdown of various behaviors and practices that have been shown to bring out the most of your and your partner’s experience.  It is also a study of love and marriage, and how to best celebrate the connection that joins people together.

How does this apply to me?

The principles and fundamentals laid out in the karma sutra describe how best to derive enjoyment from being with your partner, and achieve satisfaction, in more than strictly the biblical sense.  Contrary to misconceptions, it is not an instructional pamphlet to becoming a sex god, nor does it promote promiscuity or infidelity.  It is not like a magic blue pill that will enable you and your partner to instantly reap the benefits of marathon sex.  Rather, it is an analysis on the theories of love, with observations and a few methodologies for the appropriate expression of desire between you and your partner.  It’s not porn, and it should not be studied as a supplement to desire but as providing a definition for it.  Instead of thinking of it as the world’s oldest dirty book, think of it as a model for deepening the intimacy between your significant other and yourself with simple, everyday expressions of love.  More than the stereotyped ‘sex book’, the kama sutra doesn’t transform you magically into a better lover.  It enables you to evolve into a better partner.increase libido

While sexual positions are listed within the kama sutra, there are many other actions and behaviors encouraged throughout, that can be applied on a daily basis.  There are verses on embraces, caresses, kisses, and other simple gestures that strengthen the bond between two people.  Yes, it is a book of sex positions, but it also explains how love and desire equate and manifest to more than just sex, or physical lovemaking.  Desire is rooted in the trust and intimacy one shares with another human being.  Even small acts such as eye contact, or certain sounds can be high expressions of affection- can remind, signify, and even amplify pleasure.  There are sexual acts described also, but the bulk of this text is devoted to understanding what causes pleasure, how to incite desire, how to entice and engage, and how to incorporate love into your everyday routine.  Through the teachings of the Kama Sutra, even you can learn how even the easiest of movements can set into motion the wheel of love.

Thus, by studying the kama sutra, you and your partner may embark on a new adventure of discovery in your relationship.  You will not only gain new knowledge in physical intimacy, you will gain greater insight into your partner’s desires.  You will both deepen your emotional connection, leading to greater satisfaction, and an even stronger, healthier relationship than what you were previously experiencing with your daily routine.  The kama sutra is more than for inciting lust, it is about creating pleasure based on the trust and understanding you and your loved one share.

Kama Sutra: Desiring control of desire:

The modern woman is mistress of her domain.  In our society, she is equal to man in terms of regard, status, and career, and position.  No one can keep the modern woman down.  This seems a far cry from ancient India, where a patriarchal society of kings and Vedic priests first inscribed the Kama Sutra as part of the Kama Shastra, or discourses on love, sometime in between the first and sixth centuries.  Certainly, women did hold a particular place and role in society in the time of ancient Hindu civilizations.

However, in regards to the treatment and view of women, the two cultures were not as far apart as one might initially think.  Many outside critics of the Kama sutra have accused it of being written in a manner that is demeaning to women- in that the female is instructed to behave in a certain way.  But more recent interpretations would disagree with this perspective.  True, there are portions of the text that are written more specifically for women in regards to behavior and presentation, but this is aesthetics.  The same regard is given for men as well, especially in note to behavior; the text itself does not hold bias towards one sex over the other.  When you take into account you’re discussing an important body of literature that was created by a dynasty that venerated Shiva, a manly, heroic god, who had an entirely different culture, with particular social mores and norms.sexy sex positions

Keep in mind that this is also a culture that celebrates the act of love between two people.  Sexual congress is neither shunned nor repressed- it is commemorated.  In fact, the bulk of the camasutra book is to outline the correct behaviors and mannerisms between a man and a woman in various stages of romance.  There are many verses that are specific to courtship, to the early stages of marriage, how to behave appropriate to an intimate setting versus a public one, in addition to the general skills and affectations also laid out.  The Kama sutra text is written in the manner that consent between a man and a woman is already established- because it already is so.  There is nothing written in regards to taking a partner against his or her will, nor is there anything written in regards to committing acts of violence against your significant other.  There is no sadism or masochism within the Kama sutra, because the goal is to dispense pleasure, nor pain.  Modern annotations would put the historic sex education book in the ranks of kinky sexual taboos alongside the ‘Fifty Shades of Grey’ trilogy, but this just isn’t so.  The purpose of the kharma sutra is to be able to engage with your partner so that you experience pleasure as equals, not so that one gender may hold dominion over the other.

In addition to mannerisms and the subject of consent, there is also historical relevancy within this body that highlight the high esteem with which women were held when this work was written.  Although it is not often cited in modern times because of obvious reasons, there is an entire section of the book that is devoted to courtesans.  Naturally, this isn’t a section that is as widely popularized in current times, although it still contains useful insight.  More interestingly, this part of the text was added at the behest of the royal courtesans, who petitioned the sages tasked with compiling the Kama sutra- to devote an entire chapter to their customs and practices.  Courtesans held an exceptional place within this Hindu society.  As vessels of pleasure, they aided in seeking out Kama, one of the four purusharthas, meaning desire.  Centuries after the kama sutra was put forth, it was used by another generation of royal courtesans to delay Mughal invaders and prevent them from destroying their kingdom.

Women in contemporary times don’t have to worry about the more literal interpretations of the kama sutra.  With more women and mothers in the workforce than ever before, it’s safe to say the female of the species has pretty much conquered the world anyway.  Nor is she seen as less of a woman for studying and practicing the kama sutra- as women have for almost a millennia.  Instead, she can focus on gaining the most from her relationship, and enriching her world with the joy and romance of an equal partner.


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